Planning for the Future Is Now Simple in Westmoreland County

Planning for the Future Is Now Simple in Westmoreland County

Attorney Bash takes the frustration out of estate planning and administration

Creating an estate plan or administering a loved one's estate involves a ton of paperwork. Avoid the hassle of filling out forms by retaining an experienced attorney. Ross S. Bash Law Offices P.C. will handle the paperwork for you.

Attorney Bash can also assist you with...

  • Estate administration matters: Prepare inheritance tax forms | Transfer assets to beneficiaries
  • Estate planning matters: Evaluate your financial situation | Prepare your last will and testament, powers of attorney and other estate planning documents
  • Probate matters: File documents to start the probate process | Probate a loved one's will | Protect your estate against legal claims
Our legal services are affordable. You'll pay either a percentage of the value of your estate or an hourly rate, whichever is lower.

Careful planning can minimize conflict

Not sure what your estate plan should include? Attorney Bash can help you explore your options. That way, you'll help your family avoid unnecessary probate expenses and uncertainty about your final wishes.

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