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Have you lost sleep worrying about your child's well-being or your assets? Seeking legal guidance is the key to resolving these family challenges. Turn to Ross S. Bash Law Offices P.C. for the personalized guidance you need.

Attorney Bash can help you with the legal issues that come with...

  • Divorcing your spouse: Separation agreements | Child custody and support | Spousal support (alimony) | Equitable property distribution
  • Protecting yourself or your loved ones: Guardianship | Protection from Abuse (PFA) and restraining orders
  • Getting married and adding to your family: Prenuptial agreements | Adoption
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Experience matters when resolving family conflicts

Attorney Bash has been practicing family law for over 40 years. In that time, he's helped clients just like you overcome their legal challenges. Rest easy knowing you'll get reliable answers to your questions.

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